IAC undertook geophysical survey, test trenching and excavation on the site of a proposed new dam at Lough Mourne, Donegal. The remains of a megalithic tomb (DG086-00201) were known to be located within the footprint of the northern dam, and partly within the area that was to be flooded by the raised water level. Testing confirmed the location of the cairn, and revealed additional features which were later subject to full excavation over the course of 3 months. A program of ground penetrating radar was also carried out in advance of testing to determine the depth of any unidentified features.

A major excavation was undertaken which revealed a large Neolithic cairn with two internal cists and some pre-cairn activity. A previously unknown wedge tomb was also identified. Although in reasonable condition the tomb failed to produce any artefacts or environmental material. A Bronze Age burnt mound with a timber lined trough and crescent shaped mound of heat affected stone was also excavated.

A built heritage survey, including topographical survey and written and photographic record, was also carried out of the adjacent disused railway embankment and associated structures.