IAC carried out an archaeological desktop assessment and testing within the proposed extension area of the Tailings Management Facility at Lisheen Mine. Nothing of archaeological interest was identified within the test trenches excavated within the dryland margin however 16 sites were identified during clearance of Bord na Mona drains. These sites were fully excavated and as a result further sites were noted in the peatland. All in all IAC undertook the excavation of 50 archaeological sites in Killoran townland within the wetland and dryland margin.

The sites comprised of extensive complexes and layers of wooden platforms, various trackway types running across the bog, stake rows, a medieval wooden hut structure, several fulacht fiadh and hurdle structures. The majority of the sites were located within bog, bog-margins and associated with bog marginal forests. Several sites were multi-phased and dated from the early Bronze Age to the medieval periods. Post-excavation analysis including analysis of the environmental and artefact assemblages is also being undertaken by a team of environmental specialists; including waterlogged wood samples and peat samples for insect and pollen analyses.