IAC carried out an archaeological excavation in advance of the construction of a sludge treatment facility at the Ballymore Eustace Water Treatment Plant in Bishopsland, Co. Kildare. Excavation was carried out over the course of 5 weeks with a team of 10 archaeologists.

Excavation revealed a concentration of Bronze Age pits and postholes centred on a hearth, north-east of a known bowl barrow (KD029-051). Other features of note included a small ringditch, kilns, a curvilinear gully and a metal-working furnace, which were all radiocarbon dated to the Iron Age. A short section of a medieval ditch was also recorded at the site indicating activity long after the prehistoric features had been abandoned. The pottery retrieved from site represented late Neolithic Grooved Ware pots and late Bronze Age domestic vessels which are important additions to our understanding of early prehistoric settlement in the region.