4 September, 2018

IAC Career Development Policy

One of IAC’s main goals is to create a positive and professional work environment, where all of our colleagues feel valued and where they have the opportunity to develop their professional skills within the parameters of well-defined career-path. This is something to which the company is fully committed. Over the years, we have shown this through our mentoring of staff, investment in technology and staff training. This will continue.

As part of this ongoing process, IAC is introducing a structured career development path for our archaeologists. This will offer a clear route to employees to map their career progression through a clearly defined series of stages and will reward the qualifications and experience accumulated by staff during their careers to date. It is in all our interests – and of the profession generally – that we create an environment where we can all succeed and thrive.

The following grading system will be employed for archaeologists (formerly ‘site assistants’) on all new projects.


Archaeologist Grade 3

Primary degree in Archaeology or equivalent relevant discipline with minimum 3-6 months relevant on-site experience. Staff without primary degrees can qualify for Grade 3 role. They must have extensive onsite experience and should be capable of carrying out all the tasks expected of Grade 3 staff.

Archaeologist Grade 2

To qualify for Grade 2 an individual’s experience should be rated in years rather than months. Generally, but not exclusively be requiring of an additional two years’ site experience over and above that of Grade 3 staff. Grade 2 Archaeologists should be capable of performing all general tasks at excavation to a competent level. They should also be capable of working under their own initiative and have the ability to work as part of a team.

Archaeologist Grade 1

The Grade 1 Archaeologist should have a high level of competency, showing high skill level across a number of disciplines and should be capable of working under own initiative and also provide instruction and guidance to Grade 3 and 2 staff in smaller groups.