28 September, 2021

Good Land Makes Good Story’ – Story Map for N80 Maidenhead Road Realignment Scheme

‘Good Land Makes Good Stories’ is an illustrated interactive Story Map detailing the results of archaeological and built heritage investigations carried out by IAC during the N80 Maidenhead Road Realignment Scheme in Co. Laois between 2015 and 2018. The programme of works was undertaken on behalf of Laois County Council, overseen by Transport Infrastructure Ireland (TII). The complete story map is accessible here.

The archaeological findings discovered along this short stretch of road have resulted in a greater understanding of the later prehistoric and early medieval settlement and farming activity of the county. It has revealed evidence for three previously-undiscovered archaeological monuments in the area; added to the growing evidence for the short life spans of some early medieval ringforts, and also produced an unexpected and rare imported Roman artefact. In addition, architectural/built heritage surveys identified rare ornate fixtures from the two large demesne estates in the area, including a rare Victorian post-box.

This collaborative work was created with input from many members of IACs fieldwork (David Bayley and Faith Bailey) and post-excavation (Paul Stevens, Siobhán Scully, David Moore and Sophie Sanders) teams, in addition to a range of external specialists (Earthsound Geophysics; Dr Ellen O Carroll; Dr Karen Molloy of the Palaeoenvironmental Research Unit National University of Ireland, Galway; Susannah Kelly; Dr Lorna O’Donnell, Dr Penny Johnston; Margaret McCarthy; and 14Chrono Centre for Climate, the Environment and Chronology).