20 November, 2023

CIfA Registered Organisation Status

IAC are delighted to announce that both our Irish and UK businesses have attained ‘Registered Organisation‘ status with the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists. This follows a detailed assessment by CIfA of all aspects of our company procedures and policies within our Irish and UK operations; including our quality standards, methods of work, health and safety and staff training programmes.

We look forward to upholding the variety of CIfA standards and codes of conduct which apply to all jurisdictions we currently work within, in addition to our longstanding commitment to the policies and guidance of the Institute of Archaeologists of Ireland. We offer our thanks to the CIfA review committee for their time, and for making the process an enjoyable one.

Commenting on the appointment Rob Lynch, Managing Director, said “Attaining Registered Organisation status is a significant milestone for our company and it confirms our commitment to quality in all areas of our business. We look forward to working with CIfA to further develop standards within IAC and the wider profession ”