5 November, 2020

Appointment to undertake post-excavation works for Drumclay Crannóg

IAC are delighted to announce that we have been awarded the contract to complete post-excavation work on the excavations at Drumclay Crannóg, Co. Fermanagh, by Historic Environment Division, Department for Communities. Drumclay is a crannóg of national and international significance with habitation activity stretching from the early medieval period through to the early seventeenth century. The well-preserved remains of at least eighteen houses were identified in the deposits and over 6000 artefacts were recovered during the excavation. We have assembled a strong team of multi-disciplinary specialists for the project and we look forward to working closely with the various stakeholders over the next three years to tell the story of this unique site and the people who lived there. Follow our social media channels for regular updates, highlights and new insights as they emerge from investigations of the data from this extraordinary site.