IAC undertook test trenching and excavations along the 35.3km route corridor of the N11 Rathnew to Arklow, Co. Wicklow.

Approximately 140,000sqm of test trenches were excavated along the route which revealed 66 archaeological sites. Excavation of these sites was undertaken over a 24 week period using a team of 70 archaeologists. Over half of the sites represented burnt mounds or fulachta fiadh and/or shallow burnt spreads dating from the Neolithic and Bronze Age period. Features of interest included some well-preserved wicker-lined troughs. The remains of an early medieval bronze ladle, with applied decoration, was found during topsoil stripping at Ballynapark (A022/035). The features excavated at this site have been dated to the Neolithic and Bronze Age and a large quantity of lithics were recovered from this site.

The built heritage survey undertaken during Phase 1 of the scheme involved 22 structures including vernacular structures, country houses, bridges, public houses, modern structures and wayside memorials.