IAC carried out an archaeological, architectural and cultural heritage assessment as part of an EIA for a proposed residential development at Loughmacask, Co. Kilkenny. The large residential housing estate will be accessed by a number of distribution roads and will include a recreation area surrounding the Lough Macask.

The lands around Lough Macask were likely part of common land that surrounded the medieval city of Kilkenny. This would have been an ideal area for the watering of livestock or possible small scale industrial activity and as such was highlighted as an Area of Archaeological Potential. It was recommended that a geophysical survey be carried out across the entire development and a program of targeted archaeological testing be carried out to further investigate the area. Built heritage features included a walled enclosure, stone field walls and vernacular cottages or outbuildings. It was recommended that a written and photographic record be undertaken and every attempt be made to retain the stone walls within the development.