Land Surveying

Geomatics is the science and study of spatially related information with regard to collecting, interpretation/analysis and presentation of the natural, social and economic geography of the natural and built environments.

IAC's  geomatics experience is primarily in surveying for  infrastructure, transportation and environmental sectors, including topographic survey, historical building’s, wind farm development, boundary resolution and land use mapping.

All of the survey personnel at IAC are fully qualified and experienced in utilising Trimble GPS and Total station hardware and software to collect and process field data. Presentation of the data is through CAD, ArcGIS and 3d modelling packages which facilitates all of our clients requirements.

Environmental Topographical Survey



  • Archaeological Data Capture
  • Building Conservation Surveys
  • Digital Orthophotographs  of Building facades
  • Small and Large Scale Topographic Surveys
  • Setting out / As builts
  • Digital Terrain Models
  • Deformation monitoring
  • Settlement monitoring
  • Volume analysis / reports
Facade Elevation Survey